JURY DUTY is a work in progress created by Morgan Green and Milo Cramer with Production Design by Ray Sun

JURY DUTY collages verbatim voir dire transcripts, harrowing personal testimonies culled from interviews with former jurors, eerily surveillance-like live video by Ray Sun, and virtuosic performances by actors playing dozens of attorneys, civilians, and citizens at once, to paint a loving and chilling portrait of America’s most theatrical democratic ritual. One juror brought a bag lunch, one juror is starving. One juror has always wanted to do this, how neat to see Democracy in action! One juror couldn’t get child care, commutes two hours each way to the courtroom, and won’t make rent this month because she has to be here. The whole thing feels like theater: justice administered via theater.

JURY DUTY has received support from New York Theater Workshop Adelphi Residency, and Baryshnikov Art Center Space Residency. Upcoming: Bric Lab in Spring 2020

BAC actors are LaToya Lewis and Robert Johanson
BAC Story by Elliot B. Quick

Photos by Maria Baranova